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The CleanBC Commercial Express Program provides support to building owners and operators who wish to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their existing commercial buildings. The program facilitates simpler, smaller electrification opportunities across the commercial and institutional building sector.

The streamlined application process makes it easy for building owners and operators to receive incentives by simply answering a series of questions about their building. Applicants are not required to submit an Energy Study.

For a limited time, CleanBC is offering free energy coaching services to assist building owners and operators reduce GHGs through fuel-switching and other electrification measures and take advantage of CleanBC’s Commercial Express offering. A CleanBC Small Buildings Energy Coach can help you get started. Contact smallbuildings@betterbuildingsbc.ca. for more information and guidance.

Available Incentives

The Program offers capital incentives up to a maximum of $100,000 per project.

Incentives are based on various factors specific to your building, including building: type, age, location, square footage, hours of operation, and the type of equipment being considered.

All eligible Northern customers* will receive an additional $10/tonne incentive on all eligible measures installed. The total maximum incentive including the top-up offer is $125,000 per project.

  • * Eligible buildings must have a commercial utility account with BC Hydro and be located north of and including the District of 100 Mile House (latitude 51.628°N).

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Your building must be a Commercial Building as defined by Part 3 of the BC Building Code and one of the following building types:
    • Small Office
    • Strip Mall Retail
    • Restaurant-Food Service
    • Warehouse
    • School Gymnasium
    • Larger Retail Warehouse
    • Multi-Unit Residential Building
  2. You must be a BC Hydro Commercial customer on either the Small General Service (SGS), Medium General Service (MGS) or Large General Service (LGS) rate.
  3. The building must be in the BC Hydro service territory, including New Westminster.
  4. To qualify as an electrification measure, your project must:
    • Provide a net decrease in greenhouse gas emissions;
    • Result in energy impacts that are measurable and verifiable;
    • Result in energy impacts that can be estimated using standard engineering calculations;
    • Involve a technology that is not covered by other utility demand side management programs (e.g. FortisBC’s Commercial Performance Program);
    • Involve a technology that provides net electrical load growth;
    • Involve a technology that is accessible/viewable for site inspection and/or measurement and verification if required; and
    • Be hardwired or permanent in nature.
  5. Equipment can include the following:
    • Air Source VRF Distributed Heat Pumps with High-efficiency (>75%) HRV
    • Air-to-Air Heat Pump (ductless or mini-split) with High-efficiency (>75%) HRV
    • Air-to-Water CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater
    • Electric Induction Food Preparation Equipment
    • Rooftop Air-to-Air Heat Pump Make Up Air Unit with Electric Backup
    • Rooftop Air-to-Air Heat Pump Make Up Air Unit with Gas Backup
    • Rooftop Air-to-Air Heat Pump Mixed Air Unit with Electric Backup
    • Rooftop Air-to-Air Heat Pump Mixed Air Unit with Gas Backup
    • Rooftop Air-to-Air Heat Pump Mixed Air Unit with Gas Backup and High-efficiency (>75%) HRV
    • Sewage Heat Recovery Heat Pump
  6. Equipment cannot be purchased before the application is submitted and a notice of approval is received.

How to Apply

  1. Read all program materials, including the Participant’s Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, and download the Application Form.
  2. Contact the CleanBC Small Buildings Energy Coach, BC Hydro Business Account Representative or Key Account Manager, if you have additional questions.
  3. Submit the completed program application.


  • You have 9 months from the date of the confirmed Incentive agreement to complete the project and submit all the required documentation to receive payment.


  • For projects that do not qualify for the Commercial Express Program, you may be eligible for either the CleanBC Custom or CleanBC Custom Lite programs.
  • Check out our incentive search tool for other energy efficiency upgrades incentives.
  • Did you see a building science or energy efficiency term you did not understand? Check out our glossary.
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  • To access free energy coaching services, contact smallbuildings@betterbuildingsbc.ca to get started.

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