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  • Air-to-water heat pump water heater
  • Air-to-air rooftop heat pump
  • Sewage heat recovery pump
  • High-efficiency (>75%) HRV*
  • Electric water heater**
  • Air source VRF
  • Electrical cooking equipment

The following measures qualify but are typically found in larger buildings and as such may exceed the GHG criteria thresholds for the Custom-Lite Program:

  • Heat recovery chiller*
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Water-to-water heat pump
  • Exhaust air heat recovery heat pump
  • Electric boiler**
  • Water source VRF

*Proposed measures leading to a gas dominant heating system (i.e.  Gas heating equipment with greater than 50% share in total building heating energy consumption) should first contact FortisBC to inquire about eligibility in its gas DSM program.
**Electric boiler only will be accepted if all other more efficient heat pump options are not feasible.