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Eligibility for retrofit incentives can be obtained by submitting a completed Custom-Lite Workbook with either 1) an already completed energy study, 2) substantive engineering documentation, or 3) an approved energy study report. Eligibility is dependent on a review of all documentation by BC Hydro’s Conservation and Efficiency Management (CEM) Engineering.

If you completed an energy study prior to applying for Custom-Lite funding, you can still access Capital Incentive funding. An energy study completed prior to the launch of the Custom-Lite Program or funded from a third-party can be eligible for Custom-Lite Capital Incentive funding provided it is approved by BC Hydro. These studies are not eligible for Energy Study-Lite funding.

Energy studies provide detailed technical information, quantified energy information, and expected implementation costs, and help determine the most effective energy efficiency measure for implementation. The Custom-Lite program offers funding supporting the completion of energy studies.

The program will support up to 50% of an energy study cost, up to a maximum of $2,000. Any remaining balance will be funded by the customer. Energy studies must be completed by a registered member of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals.