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FortisBC provides incentives for buildings that are aiming to achieving whole-building energy performance that exceed BC Building Code (BCBC) requirements. Consistent with the BC Energy Step Code, the program establishes a target level of energy performance, as measured by the building’s total energy use intensity (TEUI) and offers incentives based on achieved energy performance levels, based on an energy model study. Projects not subject to the BC Energy Step Code are also eligible for incentives using a similar incentive pathway.

Available Incentives

The incentive is customized for each project, determined by the level of energy performance, interior square footage and the TEUI supplied by natural Gas and/or FortisBC electricity ($ amount x indoor floor area (sqft) x % TEUI supplied by FortisBC).

  1. Energy model completion incentive: 10 percent (to a maximum of $25,000) is paid at the completion and approval of the energy model study to help with the cost of the energy model.
  2. Post-completion incentive: The post-completion incentive is paid after the building construction and commissioning is complete, subject to a successful site-inspection. The post-completion incentive is equal to the final total incentive minus the already paid energy model completion incentive.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The project must be located in a FortisBC natural gas and/or electricity service area*.
  2. The project must be for construction of a new Part 3 commercial building.
  3. The project must be in the pre-construction phase when applying to the program.

*Includes the City of Grand Forks, City of Penticton, District of Summerland or Nelson Hydro. 

How to Apply

  1. Carefully review the Commercial New Construction Performance Program Participant Guide.
  2. Early in the design phase, contact your FortisBC key account manager, energy solutions manager, or technical advisor to discuss your project. A kick-off meeting is then scheduled to discuss the projects eligibility for the program and next steps including requirements for the energy model study.



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