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BC Hydro is offering financial incentives for commercial customers, small industrial sites, and residential stratas to help shorten the payback period for simple one-to-one lighting, HVAC or refrigeration energy efficiency upgrades.

Available Incentives

Incentives are calculated using a number of variables, including your hours of operation, how much energy your project saves, and the cost of your project. You’ll be able to see your estimated incentive after you input your project details in step 3 of the online application.

Eligibility Requirements

How to Apply

  1. Plan your upgrade with a contractor, or a member of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals.
  2. Submit an online registration for the Business Energy Saving Incentives Program.
  3. Submit your incentive application. BC Hydro will review the application for approval.
  4. Purchase and install eligible equipment.
  5. Submit your project declaration through BC Hydro’s online form.


Invoices and supporting documents must be submitted within 10 days after the project is declared. See the BC Hydro Business Energy Saving Incentives FAQ for a sample invoice.


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