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As a part of the Energy Save Richmond program, businesses and non-profit organizations can be eligible to receive up to $25 per ton of CO2 equivalent saved through Richmond’s new community-based carbon offsets program, the Richmond Carbon Marketplace.

Available Incentives

The program will provide $25 per tonne of GHG emission reduction, as a form of selling community carbon credits.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Complete the pre-assessment form to determine your eligibility
  • The program is open to businesses, non-profit groups, organizations, or individuals that are within the City of Richmond and completing GHG emissions reduction projects.
  • Project qualification criteria includes:
    • The project will result in GHG emission reductions as compared to baseline emissions
    • The project(s) is outside the scope of what typically would be considered a traditional BC municipality service
    • The project needs to be able to achieve at least 50 tonnes of GHG emission reduction.
  • Potential participants will need to demonstrate that they are duly authorized to complete the project at the identified location or for the identified organization, and has not disposed of or sold the associated GHG emissions reduction credits to any other party, nor entered into any other agreement by which the potential participant is obligated to sell or transfer the GHG emissions reduction credits
  • For a complete list of eligibility requirements, visit the Carbon Market Program FAQs

How to Apply

  1. Complete the online project pre-assessment form.
  2. The City will evaluate submissions and contact respondents if further information or more detail is needed.
  3. Once all the submissions have been clarified and evaluated, and cost estimates are determined, the City will select a shortlist of projects that meet the stated objectives of the pilot program and will present this list to Council for consideration.
  4. If selected for this program, support funding documentation will be prepared and/or agreements will be drafted to enable the City to purchase the GHG emissions reduction credits.


  • Projects completed after January 1, 2012 may be able to qualify for support funding as long as they fully meet the project criteria, and have adequate documentation to allow for an assessment and verification to be completed.
  • There is currently no deadline for the program.


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